Ekaterinburg advertising firm fined half a million illegal stretching

Ekaterinburg advertising firm fined half a million illegal stretchingEkaterinburg advertising firm "Accent" was fined half a million rubles for illegal stretching. Violations were identified by the Prosecutor's investigation. Itself is illegal stretching is currently dismantled.As reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region, in the framework of Supervisory activities, it was found that the organization at the intersection of Blucher-Gagarin placed an advertising banner. In this case, the permission of the Department for management of municipal property of the city for the installation of this design is missing.The Prosecutor's office of Yekaterinburg in relation to "Accent" opened a case on an administrative offence stipulated by article Installation and / or operation of an advertising structure without statutory authorization for the installation and operation".Upon consideration of the materials presented by the Prosecutor, by the Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk region "Accent" brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 500 thousand rubles in Addition, the Prosecutor's office in Ekaterinburg court addressed a claim about the removal of the illegally installed advertising design. . . Read more -->

Obama: international trade Rules everyone should dictate the USA!

Obama: international trade Rules everyone should dictate the USA!Barack Obama continues to gush ideas. In its report On the situation of the country", he said that the United States themselves should write the rules of international trade, creating conditions for their companies."In the 21st century more companies, including small business, must sell American goods abroad. And now our companies export more than it has ever been. However, China wants to write rules for the most rapidly developing region of the world. This will put our business and our employees in a position backward, " Obama said.Obama stressed that the United States can't afford it. "We should write these rules. Read more -->

In the Purovsky district for a week eliminate the consequences of a major fire at the field of "LUKOIL""

In the Purovsky district for a week eliminate the consequences of a major fire at the field of For a week, MES staff working on the oil field in the Purovsky district of Yamal, eliminating a major fire and its consequences.As of 15 January assembled and installed laser apparatus MLTC-20 in position for later use, told in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the YNAO. At 20: 00 venue emergency operations held a meeting of the operational headquarters under the supervision of the chief engineer of LLC "LUKOIL Western Siberia - CCI Kogalym-Neftegaz. It approved the work plan for today, January 16.According to the aftermath of the incident involved eight personnel and three units of special equipment for the Ministry.Recall, January 9 at 22.57 on the North-Gubkin oil and gas field (50 km West of Tarko-sale) caught fire wellhead. . . . Read more -->

Mentari said about the illegality of raising the fare in the "minibus" Chelyabinsk to 25 rubles

Mentari said about the illegality of raising the fare in the Private carriers Chelyabinsk is not entitled to raise fares in taxis from 18 to 25 rubles, while IT does not change the rate. In other words, any increase in ticket prices would be illegal. This was reported in the Ministry of tariff regulation and energy in the region.It was explained that THIS in 2013 has set a cap on tariffs for passenger transportation in the Chelyabinsk region. For 2014, the rates have been revised upwards. So, in Kasli the district rate increased from 15 to 17 rubles per trip, Verkhneufaleiskomu city district - from 14 to 15 rubles In Chelyabinsk on March 1, 2013 the rate is set in the limit 18 rublesIn 2014 treatment from private carriers to increase rate was not reported."From 1 January 2015 the authority to establish the tariffs for the carriage of passengers and Luggage by all forms of public transport in the city and its suburbs is vested in the Ministry of tariff regulation and energy. Appeals from organizations providing passenger transportation Chelyabinsk taxi, the Ministry has not been received. Read more -->

Yatsenyuk announced the beginning of total redistribution of property in Ukraine

Yatsenyuk announced the beginning of total redistribution of property in UkraineKyiv is ready to review the results of privatization over the last 20 years, the authorities already work together with the Prosecutor's office, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk."We are ready to review all illegal transactions, but always take into account that many people want redistribution of property. So it was in Ukrainian history 10 years ago. So I'm going to act strictly within the law, that is, together with the Prosecutor's office, with independent courts, which have yet to establish. This is another problem of our country", - said Yatsenyuk in an interview with Deutsche Welle.Back in July of last year Yatseniuk has said that Ukraine will announce the large-scale privatization over the last 20 years. And now it is official announced the beginning of a new total carve-up.This statement "combat rabbit Porch" miraculously followed before the speculator Soros came to share the remains of Ukraine.On the eve of the American billionaire speculator George Soros, who supports the current government of Ukraine, arrived in Kiev. His visit was shrouded in secrecy that leads analysts on the idea that Soros came to buy under the guise of the most attractive assets in the country.It is no secret that large transactions are prepared in the strictest confidence. Read more -->

German scout "leaked" information to the CIA under the guise weather forecast

German scout In Germany, the exposed employee's Federal intelligence service (BND), which is passed on secret information to the CIA. Reported by the weekly newspaper "Bild".Employee of the office of German intelligence, 31-year-old Marcus R, was arrested last summer. During questioning, it became known that he works for US.On his computer was discovered a program that allegedly showed the weather forecast. Every time a man asked the weather in new York, was connected with the CIA, so he could safely transfer data to the Americans. So he leaked more than 200 classified documents. It is unknown whether there was among them a list of German agents.However, this list was on the hard drive of the computer. Read more -->

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